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We often interact with security guards in our residential areas, workplaces and commercial establishments. Did you know their role goes beyond screening entrants to an establishment and surveillance?

These professionals offer vital security services to ensure your environment is safe. They also attend to emergencies, such as accidents, to save lives and curb impending danger.

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Vital Services That Your Security Guard Provides

Security guards ensure safety through the following roles:

  • They Protect People and Assets

    Security guards protect people within a property from criminal attacks. They watch for suspicious behaviour and act fast to prevent potential risks.

    For example, they inspect entrants to your home or business premises and deter those with weapons from entering. This ensures safety for everyone within your home or business.

    Security personnel also protect property. Vandalization is a common crime in vacant buildings, garages, traffic light fixtures, and electrical appliances in rooms with minimal activity. 

    Through surveillance, security guards can spot vandalism and theft attempts and act to curb them. This ensures your property is safe from destruction and theft. 

  • They Curb Illegal Activities

    If law enforcement detects criminal activities on your property, you will be in trouble. These activities include the presence of illegal drugs, firearms, and smuggled goods.

    Security service professionals are trained to detect these activities and stop them by:

    • Banning the entrance of people found with illegal substances into private property
    • Arresting people found with an offence within the property
    • Detaining culprits as they await police inspection

    Although security guards possess minimal powers to arrest, their presence on your property keeps criminals away. 

    Research shows that criminals fear committing crimes in areas where security guards are present.

  • They Detect the Presence of Unauthorized People in an Area

    Professional security guards undergo training to enable them to leverage technology to detect unauthorized persons on a premise. 

    After detection, they act accordingly to ensure the safety of your family, employees, visitors and property.

    The table below describes the security measures guards will use to detect intruders on a property.

    Security Measure How It Works
    Surveillance systems
    • Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras help security guards to monitor all areas of a property.

    • Through remote control, security personnel can detect unusual activity in the area and spot unauthorized persons.
    Alarm systems
    • Alarm systems in a property help security guards to detect intrusion.

    • They include shock and motion sensors that alert security guards by exposing the movements of intruders.

    • When security guards get notified, they respond rapidly to detain the intruders and notify relevant authorities.
    Panic buttons
    • Buildings with panic buttons help the occupants notify the security personnel of emergencies.

    • For example, employees in a business property can press panic buttons to notify security of robbery, fire and other dangers.

    • Security guards can read the silent alerts from panic buttons and move swiftly to curb unauthorized invasion and keep the people around safe.
    By applying threat and risk assessment skills, security guards can detect potential attacks, such as the presence of unfamiliar vehicles in your neighbourhood, explosive devices near a residential area or criminal threats in your location.
  • Respond to Emergencies And Help in Rescue Operations

    Although security personnel are there to ensure safety and protection in your home or business, emergencies can occur. For instance, a faulty electrical connection that causes a fire.

    When this happens, people within the building will try to run for safety and may get injured in the process. Security guards are the first group that can offer help in such situations before the police and other rescue professionals arrive.

    Your security guards can help during emergencies by:

    • Identifying the cause of the accident and containing the situation.
    • Calling the police and emergency response teams to help them rescue injured persons.
    • Carrying out first aid for accident victims as they await medical attention.

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The role of security guards goes beyond patrolling an area. They ensure your family, visitors, employees, and the public are safe, and also protect your property.

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